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      An Old Tree…

      Walking through the meadow,

      I found a shadow,

      Of an old and lifeless tree,

      Who was almost dead but yet was free.

      The mighty wind made it tremble,

      As if the life for him was a gamble.


      Just like a dead star amongst those who were alive,

      Striving to live but failing the attempts to survive,

      The blessing sun turned out to be deadly for him,

      All the birds and the animals he used to feed, had left him,

      And the family of leaves, fruits and flowers deserted him.


      God blessed him with loneliness to share his grief with,

      Clouds blessed him with dryness to share his life with,

      Suddenly, I stumbled over something and fell down,

      And shrieked out with fear as the tree trembled down.


      Disturbed with the sight I left the place,

      Still unable to recover what I faced,

      But I came to know then that everyone has to die like this,

      And old age is inevitable, a curse and not a bliss…!


      Poulomi's Abode